Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Indian Ink Theatre Company: panel presentation to UIS Theatre students

Yesterday evening, we welcomed Indian Ink Theatre Company into town as they began to load in for their performance of The Elephant Wrestler this evening.  This morning, Assistant Professor of Theatre Dathan Powell brought his Principles of Stagecraft class to the Studio Theatre for a panel discussion with members of Indian Ink about the Art and Business of Theatre.

UIS Theatre students with members of Indian Ink Theatre Company
It is always refreshing to have an opportunity to debrief about the process of touring and presenting arts events.  The "stepping back" to discuss with others always leads to reflection - usually valuable or thoughtful, but also amusing sometimes.

The Elephant Wrestler will be presented in the UIS Studio Theatre, a transformable space where Sangamon Auditorium presents its Kitchen Sink series and also where UIS Theatre produces its theatrical productions.  But it is rare for Sangamon Auditorium to present touring theatre in this space.  Intimate and unique, The Elephant Wrestler seemed like a piece that could fit well in the small space.  I think this evening's event will be an incredibly unique and memorable experience for the audience.  Please consider joining us.