Thursday, February 5, 2009

Class Acts celebrates 500,000th attendee!

By the end of this season over 500,000 people will have attended a Class Acts performance at Sangamon Auditorium! The Class Acts program was introduced in fall 1986 to encourage classroom focus on the arts. Though this program, students from central Illinois have seen nearly 250 productions, ranging from children’s theater to Shakespeare to international music to dance, spanning all forms of the performing arts.

The goal of Class Acts is to present a diverse performing arts program for youth in support of educational and cultural goals mandated by the State of Illinois for grades K through 12. Class Acts strives to assist youth in understanding the nature of the performing arts by providing students with the experience of live performance and furnishing teaching packets to assist teachers. Class Acts endeavors to introduce students to new ideas that will promote their personal and social well being as well as their educational growth through familiarizing them with new forms of communication and acquainting them with the existence of other cultures and the contribution they have made to the world.

Sangamon Auditorium will celebrate the 500,000th attendee in conjunction with the performances of Mad Science: CSI: Live! on Monday, March 30. Watch the blog for updates of our celebration plans!

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