Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get The Led Out and Led Zeppelin Trivia

Hello, Sangamon Auditorium blog followers! Lexie here, and I've got a bit of a treat for you.

If you haven't noticed, Get The Led Out, a band dedicated to the near perfect recreation of original Led Zeppelin studio sound, is coming to Sangamon Auditorium. Super cool, right? I know!

In honor of this rockin' event, we at the Sangamon Auditorium offices, have been posting Led Zeppelin trivia on our Facebook page. [Wait. You're not a fan yet? What are you waiting for? "Like" us today at]

Here's what we've posted so far:
Q: What is Led Zeppelin's longest studio recorded song?
A: In My Time of Dying. That's right, 11 minutes and 4 seconds! Whoa! (Congratulations to Michael.)

Q: What was the name of Zeppelin's own record company?
A: Swan Song. (Congratulations to Lara and Amanda for getting that answer at lightning fast speed!)

Q: What was the very first album released on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label?
A: Bad Company. This one was a little tricky because it wasn't actually recorded by the band. A little internet research informed us that Zeppelin used their label to further careers of other bands, including Bad Company. (Good tries, everyone!)

Q: What name did Led Zeppelin use for their very first tour?
A: The New Yardbirds. (Congratulations to John on that answer!)

Keep checking for more Led Zeppelin trivia on our Facebook page. We're pumped for a great show on Thursday, February 3rd at 7:30 p.m.

Click HERE for tickets and more information! See you there, rockstars!

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