Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seltic Women? Nope! Try Kel-tick WomAn!

During a bit of discussion about Celtic Woman, coming to Sangamon Auditorium on April 18th at 7:30 p.m., while sitting around our lovely meeting table here in the Sangamon Auditorium office, we discovered a misconception of many of the general public.

I (Lexie, the Graduate Assistant) was a little confused. I knew that Celtic Woman was on April 18th, but I just wasn't sure how to pronounce the name of the group.

My first point of confusion stood in the second word. "Wait. There are FOUR women, but the second word 'Woman'." Interesting. Apparently, a lot of individuals are confused. So, we cleared that up at the table. The second word is singular. WomAn.

My second issue had to do with the pronunciation of the first word. Celtic. Okay, so we have the Boston Celtics, and that is pronounced like "Sel-Tick". However, Celtic woman is NOT pronounced that way. I was informed that it's actually pronounced with a "K" sound at the beginning, as in "Kel-tick". Cool. There was my grammar lesson for the day. Celtic as in Keltic, not Seltic.

Putting that altogether, we have Celtic Woman (a.k.a. Kel-tick WomAn)! Who would have thought that I would learn so much in graduate school?

Now, the real question is... Do YOU have your tickets yet?

For more tickets and/or more information, visit our website by clicking HERE or call the Sangamon Auditorium Ticket Office at 217.206.6160!

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  1. I saw them last night in Peoria, IL APril 28, 2011. They are/were great.