Monday, January 7, 2013

University to host Illinois House Inauguration

Many people associate UIS Sangamon Auditorium as the place where they saw a fantastic arts event, favorite musician or comedian.  That’s an identity that we embrace, and it is central to our mission as a performing arts presenting organization!

But also important to our work is that our venues – Sangamon Auditorium and the UIS Studio Theatre – host a variety of significant university and community events, everything from high school commencements (in spring 2012, we hosted six area high schools) to studio dance recitals, and from significant speakers and authors to governmental events.

On Wednesday, the inauguration of the 98th Illinois House of Representatives will take place at the University of Illinois Springfield in Sangamon Auditorium.  This will be the fourth House inauguration held in the hall, beginning with the 2007 inauguration when renovation of the house chamber caused a need for an alternate location.  The House enjoyed the space and the UIS hospitality so much that they’ve returned to UIS ever since then.

Hosting events like this is an additional important way we serve our campus and community with the resources available to us.  But you can bet we’ll be thrilled to get our performing arts hats back on after the Wednesday inauguration and work toward bringing you more of those fantastic arts events!

Here's a video about the most recent House inauguration held at the University of Illinois Springfield.

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