Friday, July 5, 2013

All about choices

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

It's a fine line: giving patrons the choices they want without overwhelming them with too many options.

We've made the same basic package options available for the past seven seasons, but we could always provide an additional explanation to help patrons understand their choices.  Here's the nitty-gritty of what we offer:


Subscriptions offer patrons a same-seat opportunity and the very best value for their money.  Subscriptions are series-driven, and they work slightly differently in each series:

BROADWAY - Fixed packages are available.  Choose any one of these configurations this year:

  • Package 1 - All six Broadway events
  • Package 2 - Memphis, Hello, Dolly!, Jersey Boys, Million Dollar Quartet, The Addams Family
  • Package 3 - Blue Man Group, Memphis, Hello, Dolly, Million Dollar Quartet, The Addams Family
  • Package 4 - Memphis, Hello, Dolly!, Million Dollar Quartet, The Addams Family

FAMILY - Our Family Series includes three events this year.  The Family subscription includes these three events.

VISITING ARTISTS / KITCHEN SINK - To subscribe to our Visiting Artists / Kitchen Sink series, select at least a total of six events from among the ten Visiting Artists events and six Kitchen Sink (Studio Theatre) events.  This subscription offers a lot of choice and value.


As an alternative to a true traditional subscription, patrons may elect the Create Your Own Series option.  Create Your Own buyers select at least four events from among any of our series events and receive a savings by making this advance series purchase.  Create Your Own series buyers are not guaranteed the same seat.  

For the full listing of our season events, visit our website.

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