Monday, March 4, 2013

A lovely evening with the Good Lovelies

A time or two a year, I get the opportunity to travel on behalf of the Auditorium and attend conference events.  Sometimes these conferences permit me the opportunity to preview artists and events that we might be able to bring to UIS.  On a couple of different occasions, I have been able to see The Good Lovelies.  Most recently, just this past January, I whipped my iPhone out to capture a few seconds of their lovely harmonies on "The Chipmunk Song", which you can be sure is something of a departure from their usual fare of song choices.

Each time I've listened to their music, in recordings, but especially live, I get fascinated with those harmonies and the upbeat peacefulness of their folk style.  I think it's impossible to not feel good after just a few minutes of that sound!  The musical group is aptly named, not because they are physically lovely (make no mistake - they are all unfailingly cute), but because the whole experience, onstage banter and all, is positively...lovely!  

And now they're coming to UIS.  They're the next event on the intimate and eclectic UIS Kitchen Sink series.  Join us this Saturday at 8 p.m. for those fantastic harmonies and the charming instrument-swapping event that is The Good Lovelies.  Click her for more information and to purchase tickets.

See you there.

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