Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An orchestra of voices...the best of the best!

Coming up on April 14 at Sangamon Auditorium, UIS is the outstanding male vocal ensemble Chanticleer.  It has been ten years since we saw Chanticleer on our stage and that's much too long to wait!  While they are known for classical fare also, it's difficult to resist posting a pop gem like this when writing about their work:

In addition to the concert at 7 p.m., Chanticleer's music director, Jace Wittig, will conduct a master class with the Springfield Choral Society that afternoon as they prepare for their upcoming concert of Rachmaninoff's "All Night Vigil."  We are so pleased to bring artists to our community who can, on occasion, advise, inspire, and even collaborate with local artists.  It is an important part of our role on campus and in the community.  

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