Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brian Wilson Gets Around

The legendary Brian Wilson, of Beach Boys fame, will perform at Sangamon Auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 22, at 7:30 p.m.

With a touring band touted as “the best touring band in the world,” by Sir Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson will perform new songs as well as the old Beach Boys favorites that made him famous.
The Beach Boys reached chart-topping success at young ages in the early 1960s with such songs as “Surfer Girl,” “I Get Around,” “California Girls” and “Help Me Rhonda.” Wilson came into his own as a pop composer. With their seminal album Pet Sounds, listeners got a taste of musical innovation previously unheard.

After Pet Sounds, its critical acclaim and chart-topping success in 1966, Brian retreated from performance for many years. But Brian eventually overcame his demons and returned to music full-time.

Brian waited until 1988 to release his first solo album, and in 1995, married and found “emotional stability” again. And after all these years, he brings come of his best material on tour to this date. And this decade saw a full-fledged return to music and performing. Performing new songs from That Lucky Old Sun, an album dedicated to California, Brian brings a lot of talent with him as well. With his notable band, Brian will sing old Beach Boys memories as well.
“That Lucky Old Sun is just as good as anything the Beach Boys ever recorded. Playing these songs live, I feel proud. I think, “Oh my God, this is sounding great!” Brian said.

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