Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kevin Locke combines traditional and modern for dance event

The Kevin Locke Native Dance Ensemble is coming to Sangamon Auditorium Tuesday, November 10, at 7:30 p.m., and the performance will be more than a presentation of Native American dance forms.

The evening features two programs. Drum is the Thunder, Flute is the Wind is a beautiful Native American ballet, choreographed by award-winning performer Thirza Defoe, that uses dance to tell the story of a young woman walking between two worlds of contemporary American Indian life and her grandfather’s traditional world. The elemental forces of thunder, wind, lightning and rain become the key to harmonizing the two divergent life paths, revitalizing the spirit of the young girl and restoring balance and peace.

The second half has Kevin Locke’s The Hoop of Life program, culminating in Kevin’s world-renowned Hoop Dance. The dance is an expression of Kevin's belief in the oneness of humankind, a major tenet of his Baha’i Faith. “All people have the same impulses, spirits and goals,” reflects Locke. “Through my music and dance, I want to create a positive awareness of the oneness of humanity.” The program closes with an opportunity for members of the audience to interact with Kevin and Ensemble dancers in the Hoop Dance and traditional Round Dance.

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