Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kevin Locke receives $100,000 Bush Foundation award

Kevin Locke was recently announced as one of three recipients of the 2009 Enduring Vision Award.

The $100,000 award is designed by the Bush Foundation to “propel the artistic investigations of mature artists and to encourage their continued influence on present and future generations of artists, audiences and the artists’ field of work.”

The Enduring Vision Award is the only award of its size and intent in the country. The grant is awarded annually to up to three artists with at least 25 years experience in their craft. The Bush Foundation distributes the award over a three to five-year period wherein Kevin and the other two awardees, Michael Sommers and Mary Louise Defender Wilson, are given the opportunity to experiment and expound on their current works.

The selection process for the award included panel judging at a regional and national level by specially chosen artists and cultural leaders. Artists who receive the grant demonstrate a series of qualities: breadth and depth in their past creative accomplishments, the promise of continued future artistic excellence, a commitment to the work, strength and energy in their vision, and an intent to continue to enrich their particular fields of work.

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